Thursday, June 02, 2005

hoping to get my job on

so i have a job interview tomorrow and i'm both really hoping i get it and knowing that i'm totally underqualified. MassHealth is redesigning their MMIS after 20 years and it's a huge project spanning 2 years. the job is "functional coordinator for conversaion and interfaces." basically, someone who can see the big picture and put all of the little pieces in place and organize all of the different team members and make the project run smoothly... i've never had experience planning or implementing a large project--hell, i've never even worked anywhere with more than 10 employees. however, i am smart and personable, and the reason i got this interview in the first place is that i interviewed for another position in this same project that i didn't get but they liked me so they recommended me for this position... anyway, it pays really well and it would be nice to be doing something intellectually stimulating and that in some way helps people in need of healthcare...


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