Sunday, February 12, 2012

Root Cause Analysis

Issue: Excess and Inequality.

Many people who claim to care are focused on what is being done by Democrats and Republicans and in agonizing over the distinctions between the two... But we've come to the point where no one can deny that the ultra-rich have both parties in their pockets. This is not opinion or some conspiracy theory. The Supreme Court has allowed it to be so. Both parties--and indeed the very laws that they create--are now unquestionably steered by the hands of extreme wealth and power. Which one of them wins elections for local, state or federal government elected offices does not alter the overall direction of things. It really hasn't for quite some time.

Root Cause: The root of the problem is the desire to be ultra-rich. This is a common thread amongst people who are power-hungry and greedy, and it's really more of a sociopathic mental illness than a problem with government in essence.

Resolution: The issue remains unresolved. In fact, income inequality is getting really out of control in a serious way, and fast. The issue continues to worsen despite the already observed economic and environmental consequences because the vast majority of the population willfully allows sociopaths who horde wealth and power to make decisions for all of our futures in their own best interests.

Corrective Action: Properly fixing the issue will take years of willful determination by the vast majority of the public. A good start would be to first wake up at least half of the population who should be livid but are instead caught up in social programming which tells them not to rock the boat. A reasonable next step after that is complete would be revert effective tax rates and campaign funding limitations to what were in effect prior to the Reagan era.

At some point we will probably want to insert some filters into our social system that will weed out individuals who show signs of being greedy and power-hungry and attempt to treat this horrible social disorder.

Excess and inequality cannot be allowed to further degrade the state of our world.


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