Friday, June 03, 2005

a good interview... again

hate to be sarcastic or pessimistic, as negativity only inhibits progress, but i'm in a familliar situation. just had a great job interview, impressed people, established a good rapport, showed an understanding of the project, answered all of their questions eloquently and intelligently... they have one more interview to conduct and i expect to hear from them next week. this is what happened the last time i interviewed at mass health. they ended up giving the job to someone with more experience with the specific software they were using. in this instance, i think they really liked me, but i'm still lacking some specific experience. instead of software this time, it's the fact that i have not worked on a project of this magnitude yet. i know they think i can do it, but if the person who comes in to interview with them this afternoon is also personable and intelligent and has also worked on a large-scale project like this in a simmilar role--i'm dead in the water. and if i do get it, i hope they're prepared to be without me from july 1 to july 10--wedding and honemoon...

i have a good feeling about it. i think i could do the job and do it well. it's something that i'm interested in. it pays well. i would learn lots of great things that would help me in the future. it would be a great opportunity to put myself in a better place 5 or 10 years down the road. fingers crossed...


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