Saturday, July 09, 2005

back home... life begins again... but better...

so the honeymoon was OFF THE HOOK! (that means great for you squares out there (pj)). we caught up on sleep, relaxed, played gin, went hiking, kyaking, played catch, explored burlington, toured breweries and wineries, grilled, ate awesome food, we even saw War of the Worlds on the big screen... there will soon be pictures of beautiful vermont up on our web site we had some more hiking and outdoorsy stuff planned for today and it was rainy and crappy... so we took off a day early to settle in at home before beth goes back to job from hell and i start new job in south boston (commute from hell).

still trying to get used to the idea of not being broke (what with wedding gifts and new income to begin shortly)... very much looking forward to settling in to that and adjusting to the wonderful changes (other than this ring on my finger) life has in store.


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