Monday, June 27, 2005

tunafish and bachelor parties

i cannot believe it--rusticco can make even a tuna sandwich greasy! but in such a good way...

last weekend was my "bachelor party" if you wanna call it that. friday nite was 3rd party 4th fridays at the BPC. we rocked with a live band, all improv on the spot. it was amazing... such good musical vibes--except when i forgot my own chord progression and had to sit that one out when i realized i was just playing wrong notes... 4th fridays just keep getting better. i think we sold like 25 CDs or so too! not too shabby.

after the show, rabbi, the V.O.G., mtume, and i think hired gun were out grabbing some fries at the diner, and someone busted into art's car and grabbed all of the cash we made that evening, about 40 or so of rabbi's freshest vinyl, all of the say word mailing list, financials and business contacts, and HG's legendary mcnabb jersey... oh yeah, and art's laptop... but say word has a very positive attitude about it... we're not going to let some bullshit spoil what was otherwise a fantastic evening. material things come and go. the energy that we had at our show is timeless and magical.

the next day i had brunch with my brothers in law and then rabbi hosted a barbeque where most of my closest friends (holmes family put themselves to shame with 0 atendees) gathered to become both inebriated and conversated. it was a great day. we capped it off with a 10:10 showing of batman begins... no strippers, no one puked or ODed on anything, just good times and good vibes. that's definitely the way i wanted to do it.


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