Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Like we need more SUVs...

The following chart, published by the EIA (us dept of energy's Energy Information Administration) shows a breakdown of our oil usage... Transportation is the BIG winner...

WHY NOT TAX THE HELL OUT OF GAS GUZZLERS?!?! i know there currently is a gas guzzler tax but let's get realistic with it... how about 0.5 percent of car's total value paid in gas guzzler tax per 1mpg below 30. And a 0.25 percent tax credit for those vehicles over 30pmg. Your car is worth $30,000 and gets 20mpg? You pay $1500 gas guzzler tax. You car is worth $30,000 and gets 40mpg? You get a $750 tax write off. this tax penalty/credit is issued every year your car is registered/insured. the money from this tax goes towards developing and implementing alternative energy. Yes it would be unpopular, but then again so would a massive die-off due to lack of available energy resources.


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