Tuesday, September 13, 2005

my bike ate my car

the wife and i took a nice bikeride yesterday evening. her folks live about 3 miles away, and we wanted to hang with them for a while (and i wanted to help fix their computer (wasn't printing (restarted, fixed))). instead of hopping in the car, which is what would probably occur to most americans, we hopped on our bikes and pedaled from Salem to Marblehead (up that huge hill on 114), had some barbeque, watched some red sox, talked for a while, then rode back home, showered, and got into bed. it took us about 15-20 minutes to make the trip, so driving would have been about twice as fast, but we are both determined to use our cars less and this was a great way for us to put that into practice. on the way back, one of those "most amerricans" i was talking about above honked at us from his car and shouted "get off the road!!" mind you we were waiting to make a left turn at a red light, not in the lane of oncoming traffic that he was in and not obstructing any traffic at all... anyway...

not only does biking save gasoline, lessen pollution, free up some space on our congested streets, but the excersize feels REALLY good. it was just a 6 mile round trip. so we saved maybe 1/4 gallon of gas. but today i feel energized! i feel good! which is hard to do when you work for the man and have nothing to do all day long... just this little bit of excersize and enacting the small positive changes that we can, my wife and i feel a lot better about the world, and our own problems.






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