Sunday, June 25, 2006

Honest and Forthright vs Dishonest and Corrupt

All Americans should question the legitimacy of the political concepts of the "left" and "right". The types of opinions expressed about the core philosophies of one side or the other in the mainstream media is just about all of the evidence anyone should need that the "left vs right" mode of American political thought is nothing but a social construction. "honest and forthright vs dishonest and corrupt" is a more meaningful distinction, and it has a great deal more relevance in the real world than "left vs right."

Few intelligent people actually agree with either of the prototypical "left" or "right" stances on a given issue (especially regarding the Iraq war). Real people have more nuanced political views... But in the socially constructed world view, the American political consciousness can be defined by the subjective and stereotypical definitions of what is said to be "left" or "right," "liberal" or "conservative." It's all a farce. Both sides of the argument present essentially the same proposed course of action: support the status quo, there is no option but Democrat or Republican, you may question one side or the other but to question the legitimacy of both sides makes you anti-American... This is a very elaborate ruse that most of the American people cannot see through, even thought it's really not all that difficult to do so...

Forget left vs right... Let's consider honest and forthright vs dishonest and corrupt. Most Americans themselves are honest and forthright. But our government and the corporate system that controls it are observably dishonest and corrupt. How many corporate/government scandals have been exposed showing that both the Democrats and Republicans are in bed with large corporations? Corporate moneys flows freely to BOTH parties. The practice of political and financial corruption is commonplace in the government that rules us and is currently eviscerating our bill of rights in the interests of "national security." Yet the vast majority of honest and forthright people are too afraid of "bucking the system" to break free from the social conditioning that has formed their way of thinking.

The US government has a history of telling bold-faced lies to the public. The Fed prints up all the money the government asks for out of thin air. Corporate corruption uses government to funnel billions of dollars into the hands of the already wealthy. Wars are fought for the financial gain of the military industrial complex and the central banking system.

Would anyone argue any part of the preceding list? You don't need to be a "conspiracy theorist" to believe any of that. It's a bit cynical perhaps but unfortunately it's all verifiably true. We still have the power to vote these people out of office. But what I fear we lack is the will to express our outrage against political and corporate corruption forcefully and consistently enough to make a real and substantive change possible.

Really, every American citizen would be justified to barge into their congressperson's office and scream "THIS IS BULLSHIT! THE PROCESS OF GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA IS CORRUPT!! WE DEMAND HONESTY AND FORTHRIGHTNESS!! WE DEMAND OUR FULL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!!" Perhaps if every American citizen did just that, and then voted to support their views in the "honest and forthright vs dishonest and corrupt" world view, things might actually get better... Perhaps...


Anonymous Gary said...

I have always felt that the us against them attitude, and practice, is suffocating this country.
They/us would do better to drop the party lines and become Americans doing what is right for America - which is the PEOPLE of America.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

I'd like to add an RSS feed for your site to my site, but I don't see any links to RSS anywhere on your site. Is there one that I am missing? You can contact me using the form on my site which should be linked on this comment.

Thanks so much,

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Blogger and i said...

i sent this to you on your contact form as well. your site looks very interesting! thanks for picking up my RSS feed.

5:14 PM  

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