Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on this blog.

here is an e-mail i received in response to my previous posting:

regarding your latest "silver" claims on your website, you can look at this

I don't know if you are worried about your blog's credibility, but starting to post things about "snake oil" cures, will probably not help. I liked the macroeconomic stuff you were posting, but not this stuff. Giving health advice could be dangerous to the poor souls who actually may try it.

here is my reply:
Sorry you didn't dig it. Understand though that I am not giving medical advice but rather examining the deligitimization of a particular medical treatment and the politics that surround it. "Credibility" itself and the legitimization of knowledge in general are things that are controlled very heavily by the establishment via the process of social conditioning.

As for the quackwatch stuff... Yes, I read it before I posted this. The disinformation surrounding silver colloids runs pretty deep. On the one hand you have Rosemary Jacobs and the FDA saying that you will get Argyria and that silver colloids are junk medicine. Then on the other hand you have multi-level-marketing scams selling bullshit products that invariably do not contain what their labels say they do. Before there was an FDA or any "snake-oil" salesmen of bullshit silver products, isolted silver was used safely to treat disease and illness for thousands of years. I suspect that both sides of the disinformation (that it's not safe, and that it is the miracle cure-all) come from the same place--big pharma--becuase BOTH claims are unbelievable to anyone who takes the time to find accurate information.

As for Argyria--it is caused ONLY by taking A LOT more than the reccomended dosage. And most reported cases that have resulted from silver ingestion were caused by Mild Silver Proteins or silver nitrates, not pure isolated silver. Silver Proteins are known to be less safe and less effective than ionic silver or true colloidal silver. So when a reputable and safe product is taken as indicated--there is almost no danger of argyria. Also, supplementing one's diet with Vitamin E and/or Selenium will help to reduce the risk. These are facts that I would hope anyone seriously considering putting silver colloids into their bodies would research first...

Yes, there are bullshit products out there, but if you do any research (maybe follow some of those links I provided) it is pretty easy to tell the crap apart from the reputable and safe products. is a great resource--and they are not selling anything. Same with the Immunogenic Research Foundation--good information--no sales pitch...

Every unregulated industry will have its fair share of bullshit artists who are just out to make a buck. Silver colloids are no different. The "snake-oil" salesmen were used by the FDA on behalf of big pharma to deligitimize silver colloids--and I'd say by your reaction the FDA did a pretty good job. But this is no reflection on the actual safety or effectiveness of the product--only a reflection of the politics that surround the issue.

I think this should make it pretty clear:

It's a long page. Scroll to the bottom and read what Bruce Marx has to say about the FDAs 1999 ruling relegating colloidal silver products to dietary supplements. Yes, this web site does belong to a retailer, but despite their awful site design--they do sell a safe product that is what it says it is.

So let this serve as a disclaimer: I have not taken any colloidal metals. I am not reccomending that anyone try them before first doing your own research. I am simply trying to examine the process by which the ancient use of colloidal metals have been deligitimized in modern society.


Blogger fadi said...

people have been using silver and gold for generations. every scientific study done outside government influence has proved the antimicrobial effects of silver colloids. And also the regenerative effects of gold colloids. Governments stand to loose billions of dollars invested by the big drug campanys. this is the only reason silver colloids and gold colloids are not in the mainstream. ask nasa why they use the stuff.. as the doctors who implant gold or silver in human and animal subjects see dramatic and overwhelming cures for diseases normaly treated by useless antibiotis. god bless politics and fortune 500 company's

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