Wednesday, March 22, 2006

American Liberalism - McDissent

The "Liberal vs Conservative" paradigm has been manufactured by the establishment. The two viewpoints are presented in the media and other places in our culture, and people are invited to subscribe to one of the two ideologies. The action proposed by either instrument of these ideologies (Democrats for Liberal and Republicans for Conservative) are all sanctioned by the establishment. So to be a Liberal in the sense that you support the Democrats and their policies as the lesser of two evils or even that you support them as a good choice in your mind, you have chosen the establishment sponsored version of dissent. When you subscribe to a particular ideology, you have made a purchase with your intellectual capital. You have purchased... McDissent.

As a McDissenter, you are entitled to disagree vehemently with the current administration. You are entitled to march in the streets and protest the war. You are entitled to question our president and call him a liar. You are even entitled to claim that he wasn't fairly elected in the first place (he wasn't) and that the Democrats are losers for not pressing the issue of election fraud. The most extreme McDissenter will claim that Bush is responsible for 9/11 and call for his Impeachment (or impalement). An emboldened McDissenter can even (gasp) Vote Green!! I know it sounds crazy, but yes, you can be a McDissenter and not vote for one of the two major corporate parties. As long as you don't question the fabric of the system, you can support any action taken within the system.

The one thing a McDissenter is not entitled to do is question the dominant social order. That would be actual dissent. No, a McDissenter questions the actions of government, pressuring them to go in a different direction. But they never question the ideas that the dominant social order is founded upon. McDissent is patriotic. Dissent is revolutionary.


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I hear you on this. I like the term McDissent, that is brilliant.

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