Friday, September 29, 2006

Transition to a Just Society I

this is the first in an indefinitely long series of blog entries that will hold the title transition to a just society. it's also not going to have proper punctuation so get used to that too. no i am not a fan of ee cummings it's just faster to type this way....

and on we go then, typing quickly... because it's late and i should be asleep.

i've started doing some writing. (this is not what i started writing. you'll all get that at a later date...) not sure what medium or form it's going to take, but it's going to be called transition to a just society. i've decided that to make a positive contribution towards a just and free society (which i do not feel we live in almost anywhere on this planet) it is not going to be by huffing and puffing and playing with the bait left for me by the brilliant architects of our overly complex and corrupt society. they must certainly be credited with brilliance. the smartest cookies in the box, for sure... in any case, if what we want is justice, we must know the difference between good and evil. my friend micah (emcee of my band universal truth) told me tonite that he doesn't believe most people really and truly always know the difference between good and evil. i would go a step further and say that we have been taught not to really know the difference. oh, sure, we know it from jesus and moses and mohammed and buddah and confuscious and vishnu and even the lorax... but do we really know it as individuals, in our daily lives, all of the time, 100%? of course not. our society is very complex.

i would go one more step further and say that our society is very complex on purpose. it's important to realize that our world's rules and infrastructure have been organizaed by a minutely small percentage of the population. and i would go one step further than that and say that even a minority of the minority of people who own the vast majority of the money are corrupt. that's how they got the money. they were corrupt. not to say that they also weren't brilliant, intelligent, even kind and nice people at least outwardly. i will provide documentation to show what i find in my research even if it doesn't support my conclusions. in a complex society, this is a near impossible task, so i feel stating this intention before i undertake the task is important. i admit my own biases. i will try to identify them along the way. of course my opinion will come in to play, but i think there are some universal truths that we all must recognize and abide by... clearly and honestly defining these universal truths is vitally important in all areas of life. the founders of our religions gave us the answers but over thousands of years, those answer have been obfuscated by the modern institutions that now control our mainstream religions and the texts that we base them on. but certain concepts are universal trths, and people must simply learn the difference between right and wrong, strive to do what is right, and be accountable for your actions if you do what is wrong...

my initial "thesis statement" is that in order to transition to a just society, we must eliminate corruption. i will first analyze what corruption is. i will then offer my suggestions as to how to elimiate corruption; and thus, as we honor the US constitution and its first ten amendments, transitioning to a just and peaceful society is possible.

if anyone finds that i'm not being honest with myself or feels i am biased towards my onw preferences, please call me out and tell me where i'm wrong. tell me what you think is right, and why. eventually i do hope this will turn into a shared project (the transition to a just society), society cannot possibly be just if i am the only one thinking or writing about it... i will arrange all of my writing into some sort of reasonable and grammatical prose and then publish it all here. i welcome suggestions for editing and re-thinking.


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