Monday, October 15, 2012

Average CEO Salary 380 Times That of Worker.

The bigger a company gets, for the most part, the more their CEO will make in comparison to the average worker. While it is good for companies to look for this sort of profit per unit of work ratio on their own ledger sheets, when C-suite salaries are all in 7-figures that's probably a good place to stop... There comes a point where a corporations' continued growth and prosperity ought not to be funneled at even higher and higher concentrations to those on the top.

I mean sure, your company makes 25 billion dollars per year, the CEO should be entitled to at least 25 million, right? sure, why not, capitalism rah rah and all that. but if you are going to take that 25 million and have the average salary at your company come in at a whopping 75K per year, not to mention off-shore labor at $2.25 a day... well you sir or madam, are being rather selfish...

Even the corporate media are talking about it... Though they're careful never to bite the hand that feeds them..


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