Friday, July 22, 2016

Money Makes the Elections Go Round

And round. And round and round... No real option here other than to repeat the cycle. Choose one or the other, the circle keeps rotating around the axis of corporate dollars that own and control electoral politics.

I know wedge issues are really compelling... But no matter which propped up establishment candidate wins the presidential election, no one is taking away your guns, and the progress we've made in the realm of social justice will not be reversed. The left / right dichotomy is a smokescreen. Despite what this graph might convey, even rich / poor is a smokescreen. The fact that it is legal for corporations to bribe elected officials with money and promises of jobs, and that it is legal for unlimited money to be poured into campaign funds from undisclosed sources trumps (no pun intended) every other issue that is on the table at the present moment.


Blogger and i said...

you will notice that every attempt to reverse the course of past civil rights and social justice victories has failed. most recently the "no trans people in the military"... pretty much not going to be enforced in any way. it's a big failure. ON PURPOSE. wedge wedge wedge wedge wedge.

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