Sunday, June 05, 2005

wonderfulness and hope

what a spectacular day! woke up whenever my eylids decided to open, beth made us pancakes (the only thing other than popcorn that she can cook reasonably well), we went for a nice long walk along the salem harbor coastline (78 degrees and super-sunny), checked out the swans, checked out forest river park (i found my 1st favorite spot in salem up a hill behind a huge rock), stepped on home with a second stop off to hang with the swans and dip our feet in the water, hoppped in our vehicle and went out to the mall (i know, how could the mall exist in a story about a good day?? just wait and see...) to return some engagement/shower gifts. we got some cool foodstuffs at williams sonoma, a coupla tray tables for some back porch dining at BB&B, about $150 on a macy's gift card, some RCA cables from radio shack and still had $100 left over in cash, so we went back to salem and had a great late lunch overlooking the harbor and then put the rest o' the cash in the bank... since then i've just been cleaning up the house, listening to music, chillin... beth is at her folks' doing laundry. we're gunna be able to get everything done and still be able to get to bed early enough to not be hurtin waking up at 6am tomorrow. tomorrow--when i will hopefully hear good news about last week's job interview... beth was in a really great mood today which makes me really happy to see. did i mention the red sox won, too? yeah this has been the best sunday in a while...


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