Thursday, August 25, 2005

What the hell is PUHCA?

I had no idea before this morning. And I'd like to think that I try to keep up with energy related issues more than your average Joe. Not that I do much more than read the messageboards and click on newslinks.... But that is how I found this article discussing how the new energy bill, in addition to the many other heinous and grievous it contains, has a provision to repeal PUHCA, the Public Utilities Holding Company Act. With PUHCA gone, for the first time since 1935, there would be no restrictions on utility holding companies. In plain English--this would deregulate our public utility companies and declare an open season on privitization of the utilities sector. Think prices are high and services are bad now? How about if companies like Enron and Haliburton bought up our power lines and water pipes--our local, state, and federal governments would have a hell of a time protecting consumers... "One of the strangest things about the PUHCA repeal story is how completely it has been blacked out of the mainstream media. Until recently, the only stories to be found on the issue were in the business press."

Ok, at this point, if anyone still thinks there is not a problem worthy of some action, please log off the internet, put down your snack, and jump out of the nearest 3rd story or higher window because you are part of the problem. For the rest of us... Here is how to find and contact your local representative in congress. Write a letter. Make a phone call. Send an e-mail. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Tell your congressperson that you want your public utilities to stay PUBLIC. Tell them that you want energy issues to be the most important thing on their plates. Tell them that the time to look past this issue is long gone. Tell them that the new energy bill fails to provide a safe and sustainable energy future for America. Tell them you want REAL progress made in lowering our demand for oil and lessening our demand for foreign oil. Tell them to support the Uppsala Protocol in order to avoid oil wars, terrorism, and economic collapse.

I'm of the opinion that politics has failed us. There is no real solution to these problems... We must now turn to family, culture and society to band together and survive in the difficult times ahead. But while the government is still around and still making important decisions that affect all of our lives, we owe it to ourselves, our children and our country to actually act like we give a shit and tell our so-called "representative democracy" what is important to us! I will begin writing my letter to Representative John Tierney, and Senators John Kerry and Edward Kennedy this evening. I hope you'll join me in some good old fashioned democracy.


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