Saturday, October 15, 2005

Summary of Weekly Petroleum Data

You just gotta love the Energy Information Agency... Tranparency!!!! They publish a Summary of Weekly Petroleum Data that shows us what we did this week, what we did this week one year ago, and what the cumulative difference between what we did this year and last year. I wonder if they just forgot to put some password protection or block this stuff from the search engines... "What--it's on the INTERNET?!?! We thought it was just on the INTRANET!!!!" But regardless, this and just about every other piece of important petrolium data is public and universally accesible on the Web... I frequently check the International Petroleum Information page...

For everyone who complains that the books are being cooked, the people are being duped, the oil companies are running away with our money!!!!!! Well... you're not entirely wrong. But the information is out there for the public to see. This is one case where no one is being duped. The information is available; there is no reason to believe the lies and half-truths...


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