Monday, February 06, 2006

CNN Probably did not broadcast a black X over Dick Cheney's Face

It was reported in the blogosphere that a CNN glitch caused a black "X" to flash over Dick Cheney's face--exactly at the moment when he was saying that criticizing the government is OK... that's more ironic than an Alanis Morisette tune... A little TOO ironic for me...

Did anyone actually see the black X with your own two eyes? On live television? i think this story was a hoax. it was either propagated by right-wing blogs, or the corporate media is all but denying that it ever happened. i will attempt to prove it.

according to the blogosphere, according to the major network newsmedia, it apparently never happened. the only place you will find coverage of this controversial event is in the blogosphere. search for "black x cnn dick cheney fox abc cbs nbc" on Google and in over 329,000 matches, it does not return but 3 or 4 links to a major news network... here are the top 10 URLs that the search returns on google: is ABC affiliate station from portland oregon broadcast cnn's "apology". they post no link to substantiating the apology. there is no proof that cnn actually responded... KATU is owned by Fisher Communications, who does own several CBS and ABC affiliate stations and several AM and FM stations in the pacific northwest.

several thousand links down, there is a link to
it's the same story as you'll find on no link to to substantiate that CNN recognizes that this apology ever happened. only has the fabricated apology from CNN--no story about the original event... they link to as the source for their information. however, the source that they provide: -- provides no information whatsoever about the black X over cheney's face. it's talking about a CNN producer dropping the f-bomb during the democratic convention when some baloons didn't drop at the right time...

nothing on or, nothing on, nothing on barely touches on it--also just returning ONE page that's just the bogus apology--which they claim is from the associated press. does not have anything listed for the story. perhaps it's in their pay archives, but even if it was there--the story has no link to a statement on the apology--the only thing the corporate news media reported on--is not substantiated by the broadcaster. don't you think that's the ONE thing they would want to get their proper PR spin on??

CNN doesn't even care enough to respond to it themselves. in all likelihood, they did not make the apology because the black X over cheney's face did not happen. unless someone credible saw it with their own two eyes and/or has video of the event, i think that either the entire thing did not happen at all... or the corporate news media is doing their best to pretend that it didn't.


Anonymous Disco_Destroyer said...

Could it be construed as a Subliminal Message?
was it quick flashes or solid for sometime?

8:14 AM  
Blogger and i said...

They were supposedly quick flashes. Something like 1/7th of a second. You can find the alleged information on any of the newsblogs that published the "story."

8:42 AM  
Blogger and i said...

when i'm wrong--i'm wrong. i was apparently wrong.

but still odd that the corporate news media has removed almost all record of this event ever happening...

9:51 AM  

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