Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Freedom From... Advertising

Click here! Buy this! Ask your doctor about this! Drive this! Eat this! Stare at this woman's breast implants!! Corporations plant desires and wants in our heads, 24/7. The Web has been so successful as a business tool partly because of the ease of tracking users' browsing habits and delivering targeted advertisements based on that that information. A lot of companies have made a lot of money without any added overhead... Which I guess isn't an entirely bad thing, because more people probably have more jobs due to the added revenues from Web sales and ads. But I hate advertisements. I don't want to look at them when I'm using the internet. So much useless crap is being pushed at the average Web user from so many directions... I, for one, haven't had to deal with any of that garbage for the past few years... I use AdMuncher.

Click Here!!!
Ad Muncher
Buy Now!!!

I suppose this blog entry amounts to an (unpaid and unsolicited) ad for AdMuncher, which you must buy for $29.99 after the 30 day trial period. But trust me--you will want to... It's just one small way to keep corporations out of your head.


Blogger Bucher said...

What if I want to keep YOU out of my head. Will AdMuncher do that too?

Seriously, looks cool, though.

12:03 AM  
Blogger and i said...

you have to get AndyMuncher for that... costs $817,392,347.22, payable to Andy...

6:12 AM  

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