Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Two Party System: A Grand Success

What? I'm sure you expected me to call the two party system a dismal failure! But no. I insist that it is one of our greatest successes...

I think you have to look at what the goal of the two party system actually is in order to determine if it's failed or not. If you assume that the goal is representing the people as a democratic republic, then yes, it's a failure. In fact its failure in this respect is so utterly complete, that it's hard to believe that this was ever the goal in the first place.

In my opinion, representing the people as a democratic republic is not--nor was it ever--the goal of the two party system. The goal is simple: social control. The two party system is a tool of the global financial elites to maintain power over currency, systems of social conditioning, the mass-media, education, etc. In that respect the two party system is a grand success.

H.R. 4694 is an endeavor to make that success unchallengeable. Please contact your congressperson and demand that this bill be struck down with a vengeance. Otherwise the two party system is doomed to success, and that would be bad for all of the American people...


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