Friday, February 10, 2006

We can't handle the truth--or can we?

The US spent $441 billion on military expenditures in fiscal year 2006. The rest of the world combined spent about $500 billion... I think it's time for American citizens to stop thinking that there are any real and direct threats to our physical safety that can be prevented by more military expeditions or by military action. We have already won the game of "who can build the biggest army." We are about $375 billion per year ahead of our next closest competitor...

So then why are Americans so afraid?? Well, because of terrorism, of course... Ok, so let's take an honest look at the most horrific terrorist attack ever on US soil... Even if you buy the government's official story on 9/11--a nation didn't fly those planes into the towers. Terrorists did. US nukes and military spending offer no protection against acts of terrorism. Yet that is how the bush admin is trying to combat terrorism--with military aggression against nations, and unparalleled defense spending.

And if you look just slightly below the surface, 9/11 is not that hard to understand... Iraq started selling oil for Euros in September of 2000 in protest of US sanctions (source). The reprehensible 9/11 attacks manufactured sufficient consent amongst the public for the US to go to war with Iraq. The attacks were perpetrated by Saudis--15 of the 19 hijackers were saudis (source). The Saudis directly benefit from the petrodollar recycling system (source) and it was in both their and the US's best interests to stop Iraq from doing so--by removing Saddam from power. The organization that benefits most from the petrodollar recycling system is the Federal Reserve (source). They have vast influence over both the US and Saudi governments. The war in Iraq was made possible by a so-called terrorist attack on US soil perpetrated by a nation (Saudi Arabia) who was similarly economically threatened by Iraq's shift from the dollar to the Euro. The Federal Reserve--via Saudi Arabia and the US--had to send a message to other OPEC nations that a challenge to the petrodollar hegemony would not be tolerated. 9/11 was a horrific sacrifice made by the global elites of the New World Order in order to save the US dollar from total collapse.

Look at the current situation in Iran. They are preparing to open an oil bourse where ANY nation can buy or sell oil for Euros via the Internet (source). This is a vastly larger threat to the petrodollar hegemony than one nation (Iraq) selling oil for dollars. You'll notice that there is TONS of anti-Iranian sentiment in the news right now (and NO mention of the Iranian Oil Bourse). After this disgusting display of violent protest over the Danish-published Mohammed cartoon, I think even those on the left in America would feel that war with Iran is totally justified. Let's not forget: the Federal Reserve banks own a controlling share of the mass media (source, scroll down to 2.4). They are either engineering events and stories to manufacture consent for the next phase of the currency war in Iran or misreporting real events in such a way that Americans believe Iran is a direct and present threat to our physical safety. In actuality, they are a direct and present threat to our economic safety.

Thankfully (sort of)--we have their domestic nuclear program and their crazy-ass president (no doubt being over-represented as crazy by the global banking elites to drum up anti-Iranian feelings in the rest of the world) to scapegoat for this phase of the currency war, so another 9/11-type event will not be necessary to manufacture public consent for war. Media and geopolitical manipulation has been perfectly sufficient for that purpose...

Read Ed Haas' analysis of how we can stop this. I am in no way affiliated with him--we have come to the same conclusions based on our own independent research.


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