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Transition to a Just Society II

So I've been an explosion of ideas, and I've realized of course that there is A LOT to think about, and a lot to write. I have been trying to balance getting the ideas out on paper with keeping the ideas organized. But... There's a few pages so far that I might as well share. There are unfinished raw ideas. i've started an outline at the end, but it is of course no where near complete.

there are just notes. just brainstorming. just ideas. it may seem unrealistic or overly idealistic to remove corruption from society altogether, but i believe it's our only option for a truly just and fair society...

so without further adue, here it is:

transition to a just society

selfless government. mandate honesty and forthrightness in all public affairs. private affairs are not regulated.

know right and wrong. knowing yourself means, among other things, knowing your fear. you must know it to be able to ignore it. difference between fear, common sense, and concern...

total outlaw of corruption what is corruption? modern government is corruption as de facto law.

millitary shutdown?

voted upon by every world citizen--represented by a government or not. one person. one vote. those who could not vote or chose not to have complete immunity from whatever society to exist on their own, of their own free will. adequate land for all such people who wish to organize an anarchist society will be declare global cease fire. how many square miles is earth? (57,500,000 sq mi, 150,000,000 sq km) how many people? 6.5 billion. devide it equally. have your share to claim as your own. communities may pool contiguous land at will.

how to adjust for arable land and climate?

Teach children hydroponic farming and gardening.

Land is not owned by people. People share land. Land does not belong to anyone. What belongs to people is sovereignty, and the right to use land and have privacy and freedom must include fair use land access rights.

.0088 sq miles per person of land surface area. 1 sq mile = 25 acres. 25 acres * .0088 square miles = .22 acres per person. this is not really enough to be self sustaining on. we must account for urban populations. people who live in cities voluntarily give up their land to the community. all cities are declared sovereign states. cities have sliding scale of population density. maximum is 1000 sq feet per person living space. minimum is 400 sq feet per person. two bedroom apartment -- 800 thru 2000 sq feet.

how to deal with who gets bigger or smaller spaces? trade offs with convenience? larger spaces are in less desireable locations? how to divide/allot commercial/industrial space?

contained anarchist society. true neutral. land area = total anarchists * .22 acres. land must be resource rich. how do we deal with changes in population over time in relation to land allotment? anarchists get approximately the amount of land per person at the onset, and if they choose to perform a yearly census, land allotment will be adjusted. must have "neutral zone" for this to work.

this could lead to sects of people purposefully overpopulating in order to get more land for their own group. the only thing i can think of now as a defense against this is total population re-education. which is scary big brother like. transition will take a couple of generations, so rules will have to be flexible.

Education: Children must primarily be taught right from wrong, and how to recognize them in different situations. Secondly, they must be taught how to survive self-sufficiently. Knowledge of self. Knowledge of technology. Today..s children are taught this by teachers, parents, and religious figures. The problems with this currently are that not all adults know the difference between right and wrong, and the social conditioning system (mass media, subtleties in education, television, ..entertainment,.. corporate music marketing, etc) does a very good job of blurring the lines between right and wrong, and often encouraging wrong behavior. Especially hip-hop culture. So if children are taught right and wrong, and everything in society is focused on upholding honesty and forthrightness in public affairs, commerce, business, inter-state/international relations, etc., the conflicting messages they receive as far as what is right and what is wrong

no rules that infringe upon personal liberties may be passed on anything larger than a community- or city-wide level. a fascist community with a totalitarian leader is perfectly acceptable as long as participation is voluntary, and as long as the leader is honest and forthright. imperialism is NOT acceptable.

people can negotiate for land trades. immediate familes have the option of contiguous land. no regulations on land trades other than total land area (.0088 sq miles) per person. land with natural resources becomes public, pay-per-use "fair tax". pay tax only upon usage. tax goes 100% to support the operation in terms of infrastructure and employees.

in order to be just, participation must be voluntary and ALL rules must be easily understood. overregulation leads to corruption and innefficiency.

perception of need vs actual need

most of the perception of need of a complex society stems from lack of center. most people do not learn the ability to find their centers. this pursuit alone is not only fruitful but all that almost anyone could need to lead a happy and fulfilled life. that and food clothing and shelter, of course. those being the only neccessities of life. the persuit of self knowledge should be balanced 50/50 with self / society knowledge. x

people need to let go of the love of money. that is what jesus christ has failed to teach us. not that he hasn't tried...

the big picture view:

the lorax explains it well... to an extent. but of course it is a children's book. people need to have a complex society because our brains are complex. do we need a complex society, or do we just think we do? should we strive for complexity in our social organization? should we strive for rigidity? should we strive for profiteering on any level? should we strive for dishonesty? should we strive for corruption? should we tolerate it?? EVER??? no. we will not tolerate it. we outlaw corruption. punnishment for corruption is permanent exile. no pardon. one appeal. (exile to where? Isolation of .22 acres? Given means to procure food clothing shelter?) all people within the person's home and work community MUST vote to convict of corruption. when someone is accused of corruption--total commerce shutdown upon thorough and impartial investigation. the investigation also must be corruption free and so solve this... we must re-educate our children and our children's children. and theirs. and on and on for generations. but we could theoretically be the overwhelming majority opinion

the actual transition:

5 year total commerce shutdown banking system dismantled. fractional reserve banking banned. honest history and purpose of fractional reserve banking is written not only by the bankers. During this time, no one goes to

During this time, anyone 16 or older who wishes to be a citizen must participate in the ratification of a world constitution.

..mother.. status.

How to deal with the tyranny of the majority? (alexis de toqueville

Health care industry is also ..fair tax.. pay per use. Not a profit making system. No board of anything. Drugs must prove efficacy in in vivo tests on volunteers. Efficacy rates are public. Doctor provides patient with efficacy rates, known side effects, and recommendation. Patient has final say. In case of emergency doctors have discretion to do what they can.

Energy is not a profit making industry Food is not a profit making industry Clothing is not a profit making industry. Building shelter is not a profit making Industry. There is no such thing as a profit making industry. Leadership is co-operative. Leaders do not earn more money. They earn prestige. Social status. Workers are paid fair wage per amount of time on the job. For each day on the job, very small incremental pay increases are accrued

main problems:

fair distribution of land.

effecient organization and implementation without over-regulation.

re-education without being "big brother"...

Dealing with crime / criminals on the short term. There must be a system for those that cannot act honestly and with respect for the rights of others. Focus on rehabilitation.

Military. With essentially no ..state,.. what to do with current military personnel and arms? Without corruption, there is no need for war. Militia to uphold fairness, honesty, and forthrightness? The threat of force is not an effective method for encouraging peace and justice. I move to destroy all military equipment and technology, and all firearms which are designed for person-to-person use. Unsure as to what to do about groups of citizens that choose to form militias? This problem can largely be solved by re-education, but again.. have to be careful to leave the ..big brother.. aspects out of education.

Write an outline. Pose questions to public (some questions are interspersed throughout above text. they have not yet been

  1. Selfless Government
  2. Knowing the difference between right and wrong
  3. Eliminate corruption
    1. Let go of the love of money/material things
  4. Honesty and forthrightness are mandated in all areas of public life
  5. Equal division of arable land per person
    1. Urban vs rural
    2. Total earth land area divided by total earth population = 0.22 acres per person
    3. How to deal with groups of people that purposefully overpopulate to acquire more land? Zero population growth?
  1. Hydroponic farming
  2. There is no such thing as a profit-making industry
  3. Fair tax, pay-per-use
    1. Since there are no profit-making industries, all monies paid towards use of public services is accounted for in terms of employee salaries and actual expenses of operations. To eliminate corruption, all accounts are public, all money is accounted for.
  4. to start the transition, a 5 year total commerce shutdown
(can't seem to fix what's below... don't have the patience/time to right now)
10. Categories


ii. Energy

iii. Food

iv. Clothing

v. Shelter

vi. Education

vii. Law enforcement/courts

viii.Public administration (not government)

1. water, energy infrastructure, etc

2. most public administration is provided by local/community-based groups.

3. national governments as we know them are gutted, largely discarded

4. No rules that infringe upon personal liberties may be passed on anything larger than a community- or city-wide level.

ix. Transportation

x. Police/Military??

xi. Courts?

xii. Commerce/money

11. those who choose to live as anarchists

12. contribution to society vs compensation


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