Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Elections as Psychological Warfare

the only problem with voting--outside of elections in America and elsewhere being outright rigged--is that only the candidates that the mainstream media decides are acceptable can win. and who controls the mainstream media? the same people--nay, i think it's disingeuous to call them "people"... let's say the same moneyed interests that control governments.

all the media has to do when they talk about a third party candidate is say "but she/he has no realistic chance of winning the election." and if you listen, you will hear that NUMEROUS times on every type of news station--from NPR to FoxNews. the media presents and candidates who are not heavily influenced by the money that funds the rest of the 2-headed one-party system (save one or two "renegades" such as Ron Paul) like "well, they have these one or two issues to discuss... they're trying to raise awareness... they're trying to build a movement... but they don't have a realistic chance of winning the election."

we have the corporate media... the 4th arm of government (or is government the 4th arm of the media?) is telling you that your vote is wasted if you cast it for anyone but a republican, democrat, or independent who is controlled by the system (i.e. Joe Lieberman). they are telling you that the only way your voice will count is if you choose who they tell you to choose (either or, it doesn't matter, they own them both).

you have been intimidated into voting for someone that you know, deep down inside, will not represent your best interests, but rather the interests of moneyed incorporations. that is psychological warfare. plain and simple.


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