Tuesday, August 30, 2005

but at the same time...

one must remain balanced. all this talk of resource depletion and "doom" can grate on the soul... especially my wife's soul, since she's the one who hears me talking the most often... as much as it's important to educate and spread awareness and fight for the truth, it's also important to stop and breathe, to relax, to rest... the fight for survival, to me, is really a fight for love. what else is really worth fighting for? the right to continued consumption?? no... not for me at least. i fight for the people i've grown to love. my family. my friends. music. expression...

if we are not open to giving and receiving love, we are not worth saving. my challenge is to balance my need to scream my perception of truth and rile things up with my need to remain open to love and calmness.

All is Full of Love


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