Friday, August 26, 2005

damned computers

i was in the middle of writing this really long and i thought really good blog post on the Eden Energy Corp. and their new find in Nevada, and a javascript password needed window popped up and instantly froze and locked up IE... i had no choice but to force quit and i lost everything i was writing. here's the summation:

6 billion barreld field found in nevada. pretty cool, but maybe not as cool as you would think. instead of going back through the whole thing and trying to re-write it, i'm going to post something different instead...

You know that guy who comes to the party with a 6 pack and always ends up drinking at least 12 beers? He never shows up empty handed, but he always takes more than he brings. The USA is that guy, on the global oil market. Here's the difference. We always pay for the oil that we import. However, we pay for it with dollars whos value is supported by the fact that other folks are buying oil too, and they must buy them using US dollars. it's kind of like the guy at the party not only always coming to the party with less than he's going to end up drinking, but he also happens to be the brother of the brewmaster. it's even more f'ed up. ok that's a bad analogy but i'm WAY pissed off at my previous post getting eaten by my computer and i'm not in the mood to make any sense...


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