Thursday, October 20, 2005

Right vs. Left? Or People vs. Corporations?

we in america have a problem. the government is not really by and for the people. we are so deeply stuck in the system of control and mind-manipulation that it's very difficult to see through the quagmire. people are being pitted against people--but the real fight we have is with corporate power over government.

if you're left-leaning--the problem is not the right or the republicans. if you're right-leaning--the problem is not the left or the democrats. the problem is the two party system. corporate politics. exponential growth. the overarching sense of entitlement that has been programmed into Americans... don't blame the bush regime. don't blame clinton. yes they are all crooked in some way and they are all to some extent war-profiteers. but we are where we are because the american people have supported the republicratic corporately run government for generations upon generations. we remain complacent consumers while our democracy is being overrun by corporate people. (thanks, tiny clause buried in the 14th amendment that gives corporations de facto personhood, what would we do without you?)

there is definitely something to fight for: but this should no longer be a battle between the left and right. it should be a battle between the interests of people and the interests of corporations--and we WAY outnumber them. the left vs. right debate is a tool used to drive a wedge between us and keep the people fighting amongst themselves rather than fighting against the corporate institutions that keep us economically enslaved to the system. but in actuality the people must stand united if we ever want an end to war and if we ever want our government to truly represent our needs and wants.

for a really in-depth look at this, check out Peter Savich's blog. check out his links titled "predictions" and "analysis." i don't know peter, but i have read about 95 percent of his blog. very very interesting stuff. his rant on how corporations are actually alien life forms is particularly hillarious. i know i've linked to it before, but it's just too awesome not to go back for seconds...


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