Saturday, March 11, 2006

Corporate Personhood

Corporate personhood has been legally established by the supreme court's interpretation that the 14th amendment rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of property guaranteed to people should also be guaranteed to corporations.

In my view, this is a result of the influence of money on our legal system and on our government. Our particular form of capitalism has developed through large sums of money being funneled through corporate accounts and back out to people, who recycle the money at banks and by exchanging it with corporations for goods, and also paying the government in the form of taxes. Corporate entities have basically "purchased" the rights that people are entitled to based on the nature of their dominant share of the economic activity that takes place. This dominant share of the economy has translated to a dominant share of our government and our legal system.

To remove the right of personhood from corporate entities is not to limit their right to make money or do business in any way. It simply states that the individual and collective rights of human beings will not be superseded by the rights of corporations. I think the vast majority of Americans, if they could be brought to understand this without superimposing the left vs right paradigm over it and dismissing the idea as "leftist" or "communist", would support the elimination of corporate personhood.


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