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9-11 Truth: is it really Truth or is it "truth"?

It is more important now than it ever has been to be able to recognize the difference between Truth and "truth." There is more disinformation spewed forth by the mass-media/CIA propaganda machine on 9-11 than conceivable. And the Internet (except my blog, of course) is the main pathway for this disinformation. The vast majority of what's out there has been planted and even honest and good researchers can't always tell the difference.

Case in point: Who Killed John O'Neill. A great movie in my opinion. Very well researched. Gripping. But unfortunately, it contains some major disinformation re: Mohammed Atta. Amanda Keller claimed that she was a stripper and she was dating him and he was a coke-head and a major partier. WKJO ran with this info. Then a couple of years later, Amanda Keller says she made the whole thing up, she was dating some "other Mohammed," and then she gets married, changes her name, and disappears forever... If you watch the original interview between her and Daniel Hopsicker--it should have been obvious all along that is it faked. Staged. Phony. She didn't make it up--she was reading a godamned script.

SO MUCH of 9-11 "truth" information falls under this category... Yes, we are reaching a tipping point where the floodgates will open and 9-11 "truth" will enter the mainstream--but we still must fight to be sure that it tips in the direction of TRUTH, instead of "truth."

As the Orwellian police-state continues to develop, our best chance at resistance is to study the art of psyops and disinformation and thusly disarm their only weapon... In order to get you started, I highly recommend this podcast on the topic of 9-11 truth disinfo. The Art of 9-11 Disinfo: This is Fintan Dunne of on the Jim Fetzer show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey And-i,
Love your blog. Just getting into it. Kol HaKavod (that means 'you're terrific' or 'my hat's off to you'. Love, i-zeee (my new sig.:)- if you're not sure who that is, ask JIG :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was following you and very much impressed with your grasp of things (out of a job but wealthy, I have to my friends' / family's chagrin spent about a whole year thoroughly studying 9/11 and the implied subjects it is the doorway to.

Fetzer and this F. Dunne are two of the least restrained, counterproductive spewers of misinfo to be found in the movement. Notice I said misinfo rather than disinfo, allowing that they might only be coming to misconclusions, instead of calling them agents. This is a practice which they don't believe in. I logged PLENTY of hours listening to Uncle Fetz before coming to this conclusion.

Judge the movement's authors by their fruits, over time. And their pursuit of truth, not their pursuit of accusations. I would certainly like to hear your reasons for anointing these two as the correct interpreters . . . If you are interested in my results, I can point you to dozens . . .

I like the way some wry truther plugged the Alex Jones show: 110 % enthusiasm and energy; 89% accuracy. That's the best we can hope for from a venue like his, a nexus where leads converge like storms, and staff is thin and overworked. That's truth with MISinformation seeping in. The fruits are overwhelmingly good and the major themes repeated are all pretty obviously true to those of us who have studied.

But where the fruits bad, such as dissension; and verifiable truth comes packaged with repeated themes that are controversial and divisive to the movement, this is usually a time to be suspicious of DISinformation.

Keep seeking brother! this is encouragement, not critcism.

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Blogger and i said...

I'm not sure why you would lump Fintan Dunne in with Jim Fetzer... Just because he appeared on his show? Fintan has openly accused Fetzer of spewing misinformation, and appeared on his show (after being cut for time once and cut for "technical difficulties" one other time) to speak specifically about 9-11 mis/disinfo...

I appreciate what you're saying, but I believe if you log as many hours listening to Fintan as you have to Fetzer, you'll see that while he sometimes does jump to conclusions and he sometimes states more as fact than the evidence than he presents would prove--they are very very different people with very very different approaches.

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