Thursday, November 09, 2006

The New Bush

I believe this excerpt below from the Washington Post should be enough to reveal to you that both American political parties have the same agenda, and "elections" are nothing but a game and a distraction...

The New Bush

Said New Bush: "I truly believe that Congresswoman Pelosi and Harry Reid care just about as much -- they care about the security of this country, like I do. They see -- no leader in Washington is going to walk away from protecting the country. We have different views on how to do that, but their spirit is such that they want to protect America. That's what I believe."

Q. "Just a few days before this election, in Texas, you said that Democrats, no matter how they put it, their approach to Iraq comes down to terrorists win, America loses. What has changed today?"

Bush: "What's changed today is the election is over, and the Democrats won."


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