Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Thought This Was About Abortion?!?!

Pro-life does not mean what people think it means. What is commonly called pro-life would be more accurately described as "anti-abortion" or "anti-choice."

The abortion issue as it is now being raised is an attempt to challenge Roe v Wade and swing the pendulum back in favor of states' rights vs federal gov't hegemony. In theory I agree that states should have more rights and responsibilities and that the federal gov't should be eviscerated or at least greatly reduced in size and power.

A wedge issue (abortion) has purposefully been chosen by the establishment to raise the states' rights issue so that people will take sides according to how they identify themselves in terms of the left/right paradigm. The left will side in favor of the federal government and the right will side in favor of the states (just like the slavery issue), when in actuality, it is in neither side's best interests to side with the federal gov't. The left is being duped into opposing states' rights. It is being done this way by design, and purposefully being done at exactly this point in time.

Why now? Because America's economic situation is quickly worsening... And with the alleged opening of the Iranian Oil Bourse in just one week, it's most likely going to continue to worsen. The empire will be broken. And if the people are united, they would easily be able to reclaim their government from the corporate/financial powers that have usurped it. But instead, things will likely degenerate into a second civil war. Martial law will be imposed. Civil liberties will be completely trashed. The dominant paradigm of society will continue to shift and morph in horrible ways. The abortion issue is being used to re-enforce the federal government's supreme jurisdiction over all people who reside in any of the states within its union.

There is seemingly no way around this, as people will cling to their identities in the left/right paradigm so fiercely that they will not see the new paradigm being formed in front of their eyes nor the current situation that is developing behind the curtain of the left/right paradigm. So for now--the big wedge issue is abortion. It's obvious to any rational thinking person that to be anti-choice is anti-American in the fullest. To limit another person's freedom based on your own definition of "life" is in direct opposition to the bill of rights. So the left, in defense of the bill of rights, will defend the federal government's power over state governments. The left will think that they are fighting for the truth and for justice. And in some way, they are. But at the essence of it--they are being controlled as pawns...

So if the Supreme Court strikes down Roe v Wade and returns some power over and responsibility for its own citizens to the States, all Americans will have won a victory. It bothers me deeply that people may have to lose their rights to obtain a safe and legal abortion in their own states for this victory to happen, and half of us will feel enraged and defeated anyway. But as no ban on abortion is ever going to stop its practice, and given how high the stakes are I think it's a trade-off that I can live with.

If the Supreme Court upholds Roe v Wade (which I suspect it will) the left will see it as a great victory... In actuality, Roe v Wade shifts the balance of power firmly in favor of a centralized and highly corrupted hegemonic power, subservient to the interests of the global elites and planning a paradigm shift that will be very unpleasant for all human beings. We are teetering on the edge of a very dangerous situation and the best way to lean has been totally obfuscated by years upon years of social conditioning that amounts more or less to mind-control.

Talk about a complex probelm...


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