Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the political manipulation of science

you are aware of The Climate Crisis. you are concerned. how did you learn of The Climate Crisis?
• did you study the data and come to the conclusion yourself?
• did you read scientific papers, Published by the researchers?
• did you read about it in a Science Journal?
• did you read about it in a Major Syndicated Science Newsweekly?
• did you read about it in a Major Syndicated Newspaper?
• did you hear about it on Network or Cable Television?
• did you hear it from a friend?

what do you know about The Climate Crisis? the information you have consumed says that:
• there is a Great Looming Climate Crisis
• our energy sources are dirty
• our coal power plants and cars emit Pollution into the atmosphere
• our factories and industries emit Pollution into our water, our air, our food
• the Carbon Dioxide that we humans are emitting is causing Global Warming

• in fact, it may already be too late to reverse the trend
• our natural resources have been misused
• we have been shortsighted in our pursuit for a better life for our Nation, and for The World
• unless--and perhaps even if--we undergo A Dramatic Shift in the Way We Live, our Climate will Change, causing Catastrophes and Civil Unrest


• Global Warming is a crazy Left Fringe
• They are hell-bent on Controlling Our Lives
• They hate Technology
• They want us to reverse the industrial revolution
• Their Science is bogus

what do you know about the source you received your information from? are you sure what you know is correct? are you sure because you trust the source you received the information from?

Climate Change is fact
climage change is fact
Carbon Dioxide is Pollution
carbon dioxide is not pollution
Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming
carbon dioxide does not cause global warming
and, most importantly...
Global Warming has been politicized

who can you trust, when it comes to information that has been politicized? when politics and Money manipulate the interpretation of science... who do you trust? who have you given yourself the option of choosing amongst?

They say that We must implement a Global Carbon Tax to dissuade Our Corporations from emitting Pollution into our atmosphere and Causing Global Warming. without this Money, We may not be able to Stop Global Warming

• there is no man-made global warming
warming causes more carbon dioxide, more carbon dioxide does not cause warming
• fluctuating concentrations of carbon dioxide have been recorded all throughout history
• the earth's temperature has fluctuated all throughout history
• changes in carbon dioxide concentrations follow changes in temperature by several hundred years
• there is a correlation between carbon dioxide concentrations and climate change
changes in carbon dioxide concentration does not cause climate change
climate change causes changes in carbon dioxide concentration
carbon dioxide is amongst the least effective greenhouse gases, pound for pound
carbon dioxide makes up about 0.03% of our atmosphere
• water retains heat much better than air
the sun emits a slightly fluctuating amount of heat energy throughout the course of time
the water in our oceans absorbs and retains that heat far better than our air does
as water warms, it emits water vapor and water soluble gasses, such as carbon dioxide,
as water cools, it absorbs water vapor and water soluble gasses, such as carbon dioxide

• over the course of time--many hundreds of years--the ocean's average temperature, in reaction to the changes in the energy emitted by the sun, changes enough to effectively alter the amount of carbon dioxide that is in our atmosphere
• water vapor is responsible for warming shifts in our atmosphere on a short-term scale (season to season)
• the sun is responsible for warming shits in our atmosphere on a long-term scale (century to century)

our energy sources are indeed dirty, but carbon dioxide itself is not pollution. the problem here is neither pollution nor carbon dioxide nor global warming. it is the politicization of science, and the corruption of our Global Corporate Government System, which is telling us to believe that Truth is truth


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